Hi! My name is Alex de Chazal.

I built this website to better understand GitHub Pages and as placeholder content for my domain name. It's like an 'About' page on any normal website.

I currently live in Jersey City, just across the Hudson river from New York City. I'm a first generation Canadian citizen, my parents came from Mauritius and the UK.

I probably wanted to be a Magnum Photographer in high-school but after completing an Economics degree at Western University and three years in a small financial data vendor in Montreal I fell into the Global Custody and Payments business (not something I had heard of in high-school). I then worked 20 years at The Bank of New York Mellon and Standard Chartered Bank. I particularly enjoyed managing new clients and helping them get the most out of the bank's new technology services. I also loved the global side of Global Custody which allowed me to live in Singapore and Hong Kong and manage teams and projects all over the world.

After a refreshing career break in Switzerland I'm now looking to get back to work. It would be great to hear from you so please reach out and say hi: LinkedIn.

Outside of work I have many interests. I still maintain a love of photography, big and small adventures, as well as cooking for my awesome family, reading, and staying current with the latest technology developments.